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St Kilda World Heritage Site

Fragments of the past haunt these islands, now home to the UK’s largest colony of Atlantic puffins

Things to do

Self-Guided Tours

No visit to St Kilda would be complete without walking along the Street. It was from these houses in 1930 that the last 36 islanders left, bringing to an end centuries of human habitation. You can visit the ruined houses and the restored church and school, as well as the graveyard. A small museum tells the story of the archipelago from its volcanic origins to life today.

Nature Spotting

The wild Soay sheep are easy to spot on the main island of Hirta, more elusive are the endemic St Kilda wren and fieldmouse. If you can, a sail around Boreray to see one of the largest gannet colonies in the world amongst the towering jagged cliffs is an amazing wildlife experience. On your journey you may be lucky to see dolphins or even minke whales.


If time allows you can make the short but strenuous climb to the cliff edge above Village Bay to view the seabirds and the outer isles of Boreray, Stac an Armin and Stac Lee.