As a charity, the National Trust for Scotland relies on the support of our donors to be able to protect the many special places in our care.

Every day our rangers, conservation experts, property teams and volunteers work tirelessly to care for our buildings, mountains and wildlife, but we can only do this with your support.

Your generosity allows us to undertake vital work such as maintaining mountain footpaths so they remain accessible; making vital repairs to our historic castles and palaces; and restoring meadows to help birds, butterflies and bees flourish.

There are many ways that you can get involved and fundraise to support our cause, or you can donate today to help us protect the places you love.

Donate for the love of Scotland

Donating ‘for the love of Scotland’ ensures we can care for, protect and tell the stories of all that is in our care, responding where need is greatest or most urgent.

If you can, please donate today to our general fund.

Donate now

Donor promise

Everything we do at the National Trust for Scotland relies on the support and generosity of our visitors, members and donors. Without you, we couldn’t protect the places or collections in our care, or connect people with Scotland’s past.

We value your support and you have the right to expect us to be honest, open and respectful to you.

When you give us a donation, you can expect:

  • That we will use your donation as you would expect; and if we can’t, we will let you know.
  • To choose whether we contact you about fundraising, which you can change at any time.
  • That we will be clear about who we are and what we do.
  • That we will be transparent about our fundraising costs and our resources.
  • That if we choose to work with a third party to help us fundraise, we will be clear.
  • That it’s easy to tell us if we haven’t done something quite right, and that we will put it right where we can.
  • To hear about the difference you make and, if you would like, to receive a sincere thank you from us.

Our promise to our donors:

  • We will make sure our fundraising is compliant and follows best practice.
  • We will be clear, honest and open.
  • We will use your details in the way you have agreed.
  • We will listen to your feedback and will learn and act on it or keep doing more of it.
  • We will be clear about who we are and what we do to protect Scotland’s heritage.
  • We will be fair and reasonable and, where possible, will adapt our approach to better achieve our outcomes.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about our fundraising promise, please email us at or call us on 0131 458 0430.