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The Highlands


Rare species thrive in this heritage garden as the effects of the Gulf Stream meet the Highlands
Inverewe pond and flowering waterlilies
  • Explore a calendar of colour and scents, cultivated with care and a hefty dose of creativity.

  • Discover the stories of the father and daughter who created the garden, in the newly opened Inverewe House.

  • Spot Scotland’s Big 5: red squirrels, red deer, otters, seals and golden eagles.

  • Encounter a world of art in the Sawyer Gallery.

  • Look out for Inverewe’s huge California redwoods that tower into the sky – you can’t miss them!

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About this place

It’s astonishing what you can grow in one of the most northerly corners of Scotland when you put your mind to it! Meandering through the garden on this remote stretch of coastline is a paradise of unusual and wonderful plants, where the unexpected greets you at every corner.

Inverewe celebrates the best of human achievements in the natural environment. Marvel at our heritage garden, containing species from across the globe and created from a barren wilderness in the 19th century. A labour of love and enduring commitment, it’s a feast for your senses.

The mosaic of landscape habitats in the spectacular surrounding 800ha estate are home to Scotland’s most iconic wildlife, including red deer, eagles, pine martens, otters and red squirrels. The estate is framed by mountains and two lochs, where the light and colours are forever changing.

This is a setting that inspires art and creativity. At its heart is a museum with a twist, where you’re encouraged to interact with a variety of objects and play games. The adjacent Sawyer Gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year that reflect the characteristics of the garden and surrounding environment.

Our accreditations and awards

  • 4 Star Visitor Attraction
  • Green Tourism Gold
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