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William Douglas-Hamilton (1845–95), 12th Duke of Hamilton

In her penultimate blog of the series exploring the lives of the Hamilton family at Brodick Castle, Curator Sarah Beattie takes a look at William, 12th Duke of Hamilton.

Bride and joy!

One for Downton Abbey fans, Antonia (Curator for Edinburgh & East) explains how these newlyweds connect Newhailes and the ‘real’ Downton.

Kegs, cases and jars: a moving tale

Once distilled, whisky had to be moved or stored. There was a marked difference in this process between the legal and illicit trade.

Your donations at work

Take a look at how your donations are helping us protect Scotland’s heritage.

Princess Marie of Baden (1817–88)

Join Regional Curator Sarah Beattie for the latest post looking at the lives of the Hamilton family and the impact they had on the building, collections and interiors at Brodick Castle.

Time stands still

How do you preserve a masterpiece of time? Find out more about the evolution of the longcase clock, one of the most complex machines before the 19th century.

An eventful honeymoon: Lord and Lady Aberdeen of Haddo House

As part of our Facing Our Past project, we take a look at Lord and Lady Aberdeen and their links to Egypt.

Made of Pittsburgh steel – Margaret Fay Shaw’s Pennsylvanian roots

Explore the history of Margaret Fay Shaw, who was born in Pittsburgh in the USA but became a Hebridean folklore heroine.

The Great Eight at Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Caroline Smith, Operations Manager at Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, tells us about some of her favourite things to look out for at the property.

Hold yer tongue

To mark International Women’s Day, we look at a scold’s bridle in our collection at Craigievar Castle, examining its original purpose and its enduring legacy.

Relaxing Trust landscapes

Listen to a relaxing description of three beautiful landscape paintings in our care.

Jane Younger and art

To mark Women’s History Month, we take a closer look at Jane Younger, sister of Anna Blackie of the Hill House, Helensburgh.

Photos of actresses (and their amazing lives) from the Tenement House

We take a closer look at Miss Toward’s collection of images of famous leading ladies and uncover the dramatic lives behind them.

William Alexander, 11th Duke of Hamilton (1811–63)

Regional Curator Sarah Beattie is back with another blog exploring the lives of some of the Hamilton family, and the impact they had on the building, collections and interiors at Brodick Castle.

The ideal souvenir

The second in our series A Student’s View, looks at the origins of ‘ideal’ beauty and why we collect souvenirs.

Working from home, then and now

With many people currently experiencing the pros and cons of working from home, we wondered how weavers and their families managed to do it almost 200 years ago!

Garters at the National Trust for Scotland

This Valentine’s Day, join Vikki Duncan, Curator for our North region, to find out more about two very different sets of garters in our collection.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh – a modern couple

Discover more about the Mackintoshes’ romantic relationship and their progressive thinking.

Hebridean fleas, false teeth and fine dirigibles

A new Radio 3 documentary and some newly uncovered letters cast further light on Margaret Fay Shaw’s life in South Uist in the 1930s.

The Great Eight at Broughton House

Sarah L Jackson, a guide at Broughton House & Garden, tells us what to look out for at the property.

Winter warmers

Get that cosy feeling with a selection of winter wraps and woollies from our costume and textile collection.

‘From Camera to Canvas’ exhibition walk through

Take a walk with us through Edinburgh City Art Centre to experience our exhibition ‘E. A. Hornel: From Camera to Canvas’.

The Lorimer archives

Enjoy a brief overview of the Lorimer archive collection held at Kellie Castle.

E. A. Hornel: From Camera to Canvas – events

Although our fantastic exhibition is closed, you can still experience it and our collections through the online exhibition events programme.