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Music Day on the summer solstice

In France, the longest day is the day people celebrate ‘La Fete de la Musique’, or Music Day.

Is an architect an artist?

Last month our team had the pleasure of exploring Holmwood, a fantastic villa designed by the Glaswegian architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.

Good vibrations

Project Reveal Team North East comes across an old medical device that used massage and vibration to heal all manner of illnesses.

You are not a loan

Investigating 70 years of loans to the National Trust for Scotland

Revealing our collections ... and our stories

Number 1 in our 100 Ways list is Project Reveal – one of the most ambitious digitisation projects in Scotland.

Less is more: innovating with our collections

At number 3 in our 100 Ways list is a plan to innovate how we show off our amazing collections.

Becoming a dab hand – printing past and present

Team East has moved to Robert Smail’s Printing Works, where the presses are more than just historical objects.

‘Dress to impress’ – Lady Ailsa’s dressing case

In an age when ladies changed their clothes up to five times a day, Lady Ailsa’s dressing case reminds us of a bygone age of splendour.

Homecoming for Harry Benson at Pollok House exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the work of one of the world’s best-known photographers begins this weekend at Pollok House in Glasgow.

Forget me not – revealing Victorian mourning customs

Team West explores social history collections linked to mourning etiquette in the late 19th century.

The illicit still game

Project Reveal North East explore the history of illicit distilling in the Angus glens.

Conservation in Action: working in full sight

The Project Reveal teams enjoy the benefits and challenges of working all year round in front of visitors and staff.

Bye-bye Reveal!

Read about an Inventory Officer’s enjoyable experience of Project Reveal.

‘Cabinet Interventions’ - an exhibition at Pollok House

Pollok House is the venue for a collaboration between 10 artists and the Trust, part of Glasgow International 2018.

The Royal Company of Archers

The Dalyells of the Binns have a long tradition of serving in the Royal Company of Archers, the Sovereign’s Bodyguard in Scotland.

Souter Johnnie: the man behind the legend

While working at Souter Johnnie’s Cottage, Project Reveal Team South-West explored the life and work of an 18th-century shoemaker.

‘Waste not, want not’: exploring food and cooking in a 20th-century Glasgow tenement

Project Reveal Team West discovers fascinating food facts at the Tenement House in the heart of Glasgow.

Dealing with the Devil

Project Reveal head to the House of the Binns to catalogue the table where ‘Bluidy Tam’ is said to have played the Devil at cards.

Chinese New Year: the Year of the Dog

To welcome in the Year of the Dog, Project Reveal brings a beautiful Chinese wedding procession to life.

Treasure of Fyvie Castle goes Dutch at High Society exhibition

Plans to reunite the Gordon family in a first for the National Trust for Scotland

Flags flying again

Two Scots Guards flags, bearing colours earned in battle, have returned to Falkland Palace after months of painstaking conservation.

Tapestries travel to Belgium for special treatment

The Trust is working in collaboration with Hopetoun House Preservation Trust to send tapestries to Belgium, where a state-of-the-art cleaning system for historic tapestries, patented by the Royal Manufacturers De Wit, will remove a century of dirt.

A day in the life of Project Reveal

From boxes of bricks to drawing rooms full of Old Masters, here is a day in the life of the two North inventory teams

Part V: 50 interesting objects

Explore Part V of our 50 interesting objects.