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A close-up of a bright pink rose growing on a bush. It has a large flower with delicate, almost paper-thin, petals.
19 Jun 2024

The PLANTS project: National Plant Collections

We take a look at the 17 National Plant Collections held within the National Trust for Scotland and highlight our quest to care for these plants for future generations.

Two women sit at a table in a Georgian drawing room, sewing a blue silk dress that is laid out across a table.
14 Jun 2024

From canvas to silk – making a 1760s sack gown

In the second in our blog series, we find out about how a group of Trust volunteers have made a reproduction 1760s sack gown for our Ramsay and Edinburgh Fashion exhibition at the Georgian House.

A lady holds up a large silk scarf, standing on the grass in front of Craigievar Castle. The scarf features illustrated designs of the castle and elements from its history.
14 Jun 2024

Meet the Makers: Helen Ruth from Helen Ruth Scarves

We speak to Helen Ruth from Helen Ruth Scarves, who has created some very special designs to celebrate the reopening of Craigievar Castle.

An oil portrait of a little girl, sitting in front of a dark background. She wears a dark green dress with light blue sleeves and a red shawl wrapped around her. She has rosy cheeks.
14 Jun 2024

Ramsay comes to Edinburgh

This is the first in a series of stories about the exhibition Ramsay and Edinburgh Fashion, which runs at the Georgian House until 26 November 2024.

A woman holds an unframed portrait of a Georgian woman by Allan Ramsay. She is wearing purple nitrile gloves, and is standing in a Georgian drawing room by a piano.
7 Jun 2024

New Ramsay exhibition arrives at the Georgian House

Our new Ramsay and Edinburgh Fashion exhibition opens with a flourish on 7 June and runs until 24 November 2024.

A man wearing a navy sweater and a red cap sits at a wooden bar in a distillery, resting one arm on the counter.
7 Jun 2024

Meet the Makers: Peter Dignan from Lost Loch Spirits

We speak to Peter Dignan from Lost Loch Spirits, who has created a very special pink gin to celebrate the reopening of Craigievar Castle.

A range of retail items are displayed on a table, with Craigievar Castle just seen in the background. The items form part of the Pink Castle collection and include woollen scarves, gin, a print, silk scarves, jewellery and bars of chocolate.

Meet the Makers: Introducing the Pink Castle collection

We’re delighted to introduce a new exclusive range of products inspired by the Pink Again project at Craigievar Castle.

A range of old-fashioned printed business cards are displayed on a table. They advertise Robert Smail's Printing Works.
21 May 2024

Caring for industrial collections, part 4: dynamic reflections on a year’s work at Smail’s

In the final instalment of our four-part series, we reflect on our Bute Intern’s year spent undertaking preventive conservation at Robert Smail’s Printing Works.

A view looking from the grand drawing room of Fyvie Castle into the adjoining Gallery, with a large pipe organ on the far wall.
22 Apr 2024

Unique organ revived at Fyvie Castle

Good progress has been made on our project to restore a remarkable ‘self-playing’ organ at Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire.