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A man wearing a waterproof coat and a fleece hat sits on a hillside, concentrating on planting a young tree beside a clump of a heather. A little brown and white dog sits next to him, looking out across the stream that runs through the glen. There is snow on the peaks in the background.
28 Feb 2024

An opportunity to help protect Scotland’s woodlands

Through our charity’s Dedicate a Tree appeal, you can make planet-friendly gifts and be part of creating Scotland’s future woodlands.

A composite image of 5 photos of perennial plants in full bloom.
23 Feb 2024

The PLANTS project: top 5 perennial plants

The PLANTS Project Manager picks 5 perennial plants that are most commonly found across National Trust for Scotland gardens.

A view of the grand Mar Lodge building with its distinctive red tiled roof. A long gravel drive leads to the entrance across a grass lawn. Pine trees and heather-covered hillside can be seen in the background.

A year in review at Mar Lodge Estate

Mar Lodge Estate National Nature Reserve has published its Annual Review for 2023.

A woman and her two children lean on the edge of a stone bridge in woodland, smiling.
4 Jan 2024

Time spent outdoors improves mental health and wellbeing

New research has highlighted the importance of access to the outdoors for improving people’s quality of life and reducing stress.

A composite image made up of five photos showing various aspects of gardening. In the top left is a shrub absolutely covered in pink flowers. In the top right is a rhododendron with deep red flowers. In the bottom left are three people dressed in navy jackets and all wearing midge nets. In the bottom right are a row of nine people standing in a garden. At the centre is an image of an interpretation board in a garden, explaining the PLANTS project.
28 Dec 2023

The PLANTS project: looking back, planning ahead

With 2023 coming to an end, the PLANTS project manager takes a moment to look back and take stock of a year with lots to celebrate.

Black dragonfly on a grey wooden panel
21 Dec 2023

Rare dragonflies discovered at Mar Lodge Estate

Two rare dragonfly species have been recorded at Mar Lodge Estate in the Cairngorms National Park.

A snow-covered track, with faint tyre marks, leads towards a gate, with tall trees either side.
21 Dec 2023

Behind the scenes in winter: Greenbank Garden

This winter, we are sharing a series of short films that give a snapshot of the work that goes on at our places over the winter months.

15 Dec 2023

12 must-have plants for Christmas

The PLANTS project pick 12 plants that defy winter to cheer up the garden at Christmas.

A man in a blue National Trust for Scotland jackets stands in Glencoe, with mountains rising in the distance, holding a clipboard and a measuring wheel.
4 Dec 2023

Works begins on the new Glencoe Greenway

The Glencoe Greenway will improve safe and sustainable access into the heart of the glen for walkers, cyclists and others.