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Beneath the bricks

Number 52 in our 100 Ways list is using technology to understand our conservation questions.

Newhailes House reopens for the summer season

Newhailes House reopens on 19 April for guided tours after our annual winter shutdown, as conservation work continues.

Water runs deep at the Hill House

Newly released images show the extent of water damage at the Hill House.

Keeping the wheels turning

At number 49 on our 100 Ways list is raising funds to repair Preston Mill, East Linton.

Mothbusting at Newhailes

At number 47 on our 100 Ways list, we’re putting Newhailes’ precious collections in the deep freeze to stop the moths.

Can I touch that?

Revealing the significance of objects in the Trust’s collections helps make them more accessible.

Who you gonna call? Mothbusters!

Mothbusters have been called in to halt Newhailes’ bothersome bug problem.

Janus – the god of January – looks at Project Reveal’s progress

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, looks forwards and backwards. Here we do that for Project Reveal.

Haggis & cheese scones

If you can’t pop into the RBBM Café to try our haggis & cheese scones, you can make them at home.

Work begins to build the Hill House Box

We’ve reached a major milestone in our effort to save Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s iconic building, as steel beams have been craned into place.

Scenery’s supporting role for Mary Queen of Scots

Scotland’s most famous glen features in the new Mary Queen of Scots film.

Photographing the unseen

In Kellie Castle, the Dining Room walls are covered by wooden painted panels. On some we can see traces of earlier decoration, before they were repainted. This article explains how we photographed these original drawings.

It’s time for the winter deep clean

Every winter deep cleans take place across the Trust, and Kellie Castle is now in the final year of its 5-year deep clean cycle.

Nothing revealing to say

Mark Bishop, Director of Customer & Cause at the Trust, recently got to experience at first hand the work of Project Reveal.

Hill House Box ready for construction

Mackintosh’s Hill House is now wintered and ready for construction of the Box to start this month.

Lights, camera, fact-ion

At number 34 in our 100 Ways list is bringing Scotland to the silver screen.

Lecture shares secrets of Project Reveal

Find out more about Project Reveal at a special lecture this November.

For auld lang syne

As the South West Project Reveal team approach the end of our involvement in the project, we’d like to look back over the last 15 months.

Drying out water damage

At number 27 on our 100 Ways list is the recovery work we’re doing at Newhailes House after flood damage.

Architecture inspires art at Kellie Castle

Project Reveal takes a look at the elaborate ceilings at Kellie Castle and the artwork they inspired.

Lights, camera, upload

A look at how the Project Reveal photographers capture images of the Trust’s collections and link them to our database.

Changing Rooms at Pollok House

The interiors at Pollok have been repeatedly redisplayed over the last 20 years. Our photography collection helps document these changes.

Lady Mary Pierrepont

Revealing the story behind an often-overlooked painting of a remarkable woman

Stay away from the trapdoor!

There are hidden delights, not creepy horrors, to be found in the Gallery at Broughton House.