Mingulay, Pabbay & Berneray

Eagles soar and dolphins splash around these Hebridean islands, also home to a rare Pictish stone
Mingulay cliffs plunging to the sea with low cloud
  • Admire some of Scotland’s finest coastal landscapes on these 3 uninhabited islands.

  • Marvel at the beautifully carved Pictish stone on Pabbay, one of only two in the Western Isles.

  • Wander around the ghost village.

  • Look out for seabirds! The spectacular cliffs house internationally important breeding colonies.

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Mingulay, Pabbay & Berneray
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About this place

Simply getting to Mingulay, Pabbay and Berneray is an adventure in itself – but it’s worth it! Sailing to these islands on the very edge of the Outer Hebrides is an unforgettable trip.

Lying just south of Barra, the islands boast spectacular coastal landscapes. To the west lie rugged cliffs, caves, sea stacks and promontories; in the east, green grassy slopes, white sandy bays and turquoise seas.

The islands are also fascinating for the mementos they hold of the people who once lived on them. Mingulay and Pabbay have been uninhabited since 1912, Berneray since 1980, with abandoned dwellings the only trace of the communities who lived here many years ago.