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From the edge of the world: part 12

This is the final instalment this year from our blog from St Kilda, which has revealed what it’s like to spend a season working here.

Scottish Tree Festival 2019

Come along to our beautiful gardens this autumn and discover some of Scotland’s most spectacular trees.

Stories from Staffa: Birds and beasties

Famed for Fingal’s Cave and its puffins, Staffa is also home to many other birds and insects.

A harvest with heritage

At number 99 on our 100 Ways list, we’re gathering and sharing the produce of our orchards, which are packed full of beautiful fruit including heritage varieties rarely found anywhere else.

Douse the House at Charles Rennie Mackintosh masterpiece

At number 97 on our 100 Ways list, we’re planning to test the waterproofness of the Hill House Box with water pistols.

Brodie bids farewell to favourite trees

Brodie Head Gardener Ed Walling explains why three beech trees have to be felled.

From the edge of the world: part 11

Our new blog from St Kilda reveals what it’s like to spend a season working here.

Brightening your garden with Brodie’s daffodil heritage

At number 94 on our 100 Ways list is giving people the chance to plant a piece of horticultural heritage in their own gardens by making bulbs from the Brodie daffodil collection available for sale to the public.

Our own Downton Abbeys

At number 93 on our 100 Ways list is highlighting how Downton Abbey fans can get a glimpse of the grandeur portrayed in the film at our properties around the country.

Historic desk returns to the Hill House

A desk owned by the man who commissioned the Hill House has returned to the property for the first time in over 60 years.

The importance of volunteers on Canna

Two volunteer groups came to Canna to help us out with a big clean-up.

Sharing St Kilda’s secrets

At number 85 on our 100 Ways list is sharing St Kilda’s secrets – ranger Sue Loughlan’s been blogging about her time on St Kilda all summer long.

Exploring the beauty of Glencoe

We invited three of Scotland’s top landscape photography instagrammers to celebrate World Photography Day at Glencoe.

From the edge of the world: part 10

Our new blog from St Kilda reveals what it’s like to spend a season working here.

Stories from Staffa: island of staves

Peter offers a brief explanation of Staffa’s geology, looking at volcanic activity, the famous columnar basalts and the great caves.

Great autumn and winter getaways

Enjoy a treat for the senses this autumn and winter. Take a well-earned break with us and enjoy Scotland at its glorious, vibrant and tranquil best!

Mairi Sawyer’s raspberry jam

To celebrate the Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, food blogger Claire Jessiman tackles an unusual jam recipe.

A family day out at Culzean Castle

Culzean Castle & Country Park is the perfect place to spend a day with the family.

Starting on Newhailes’ Stables

At number 78 on our 100 Ways list is starting work on the next phase of the Newhailes Revival project.

Stories from Staffa: Flower notes from a small isle

Peter shares some examples and descriptions of Staffa’s rich and diverse flora.

From the edge of the world: part 9

Our blog from St Kilda has a guest writer this week, who shares what it's like to volunteer on the island.

Hidden interior design gems revealed at Holmwood

Holmwood in Cathcart – in the south of Glasgow – reopens to the public this week after a three-month project to re-create the property’s original stencilled paint schemes.

Geilston Garden summer and autumn highlights

Discover the many highlights of the gorgeous Geilston Garden this summer and autumn.

Using tech to protect the Hill House

Sophia Mirashrafi, Digital Project Officer at the Hill House, shares how she’ll use tech to tell its story.