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Opening the door at Craigievar Castle

Will you walk through the door and experience the wonder of Craigievar?

Lady Aberdeen’s print collection of celebrated Scottish women

Lady Aberdeen’s prints tell the story of Scottish women throughout history and offer a glimpse of what inspired this early feminist.

The spice of life

This battered tin box from House of Dun provides an insight into the role of women in shaping attitudes towards the British Empire during the mid-19th century.

Painting a picture with a diary

This is a story of how a minister came to paint two landscapes for Miss Christian Dalrymple of Newhailes, and shows how diary writing can help us paint a more intimate picture of history.

Colonel Gordon goes wild and majestic in Edinburgh

Batoni’s painting features in the Wild and Majestic: Romantic Visions of Scotland exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland from 26 June–10 November 2019.

Introducing the Trust’s Honorary Archives Advisor

We’re delighted to welcome the Trust’s new Honorary Archives Advisor, Dr Alison Rosie of the National Register of Archives for Scotland.

Morton Photography Symposium at Broughton House

Read about the fascinating topics that were discussed at the inaugural Morton Photography Symposium at Broughton House.

Matchmaking: when collections met photography

The National Trust for Scotland’s Collections Information Officer keeps the information we hold about our collections and objects as accurate and usable as possible.

Have dowel, will travel

During the second half of 2018 Mike Taylor supported the Project Reveal team in making an inventory of firearms at Trust properties.

Exposing an imprint of the past

Looking beyond the marks on a copper printing plate reveals a history hot off the press.

The Beauties and the Beasts

Project Reveal Team East share their favourite animal objects from properties in Edinburgh and the East. How many have you seen?

The Jacob letters from the House of Dun

A small collection of letters relating to Violet Jacob, her son Harry and their friendship with the Kappey family from Windsor.

In your Easter bonnet

The Easter bonnets of Canna House were photographed by Margaret Fay Shaw.

Everyday photographs reveal history at the Tenement House: Part 3

Changing technology and the changing fashions of a burgeoning middle class are evident in the later photographs from the Tenement House.

Free reopening weekend across Dumfries & Galloway

Enjoy a fabulous free weekend this month at Threave Garden & Estate, Broughton House & Garden and Thomas Carlyle’s Birthplace.

The Loan Ranger

As the Project Reveal Loans Officer, I’d like to share some of my favourite items which are housed at National Trust for Scotland places.

Mothbusting at Newhailes

At number 47 on our 100 Ways list, we’re putting Newhailes’ precious collections in the deep freeze to stop the moths.

Everyday photographs reveal history at the Tenement House: Part 2

Miss Toward’s childhood photographs at the Tenement House provide a window into the development of photography in the late 19th century.

The beauty of Barra

Explore the island of Barra through the photographs of Margaret Fay Shaw (1903–2004).

Seallaidhean breagha de Bharraigh

Thoiribh sùil air na dealbhan de Bharraigh aig Margaret Fay Shaw (1903–2004).

Can I touch that?

Revealing the significance of objects in the Trust’s collections helps make them more accessible.

Saucers and syllabub

Hundreds of glasses and plates have been discovered at Fyvie Castle – what were they all for?

Janus – the god of January – looks at Project Reveal’s progress

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, looks forwards and backwards. Here we do that for Project Reveal.

Everyday photographs reveal history at the Tenement House: Part 1

The most ordinary looking box of photographs can tell the most remarkable range of stories.