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Wemyss Ware – unique ceramics spanning centuries and countries

Hill of Tarvit in Fife displays a colourful collection of Wemyss Ware pieces, from cats and pigs to cabbage roses.

Photogenic felines

We get to know the many cats in the Margaret Fay Shaw (1903-2004) photography collection.

A crewel encounter

Crewel work, synonymous with Jacobean embroidery, has a long history, which is revealed through some embroidery panels discovered at Crathes Castle.

Putting Scotland on the map

At number 43 on our 100 Ways list is putting Scotland on the map – we’re showcasing Scotland’s world-leading conservation work on an international stage.

Maintaining museum standards

At number 39 in our 100 Ways list is maintaining museum standards – we’ve secured museum accreditation for Culloden, making it the ninth Trust site to achieve this important status.

A National Trust for Scotland Christmas Carol

To pay tribute to the 175th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, we’ve selected 12 objects from the Trust’s collections which, with a little imagination, can be related to the story.

We’re walking in a photographic wonderland

Our places look great in the snow, and these historical wintry photographs are full of stories too.

It’s time for the winter deep clean

Every winter deep cleans take place across the Trust, and Kellie Castle is now in the final year of its 5-year deep clean cycle.

The symbolic tapner

Project Reveal Team North East uncover the possible handiwork of a prisoner of war.

Nothing revealing to say

Mark Bishop, Director of Customer & Cause at the Trust, recently got to experience at first hand the work of Project Reveal.

We came, we saw, we inventoried!

As the West team’s involvement in Project Reveal comes to an end, we look back over the last 16 months.

‘Eilean – The Island Photography of Margaret Fay Shaw’ / ‘Eilean – Na Dealbhan aig Mairead Fay Seathach’

We’re celebrating the launch of the first published book of images from the Margaret Fay Shaw Photographic Collection (Isle of Canna). Tha sinn a’comharrachadh a chiad leabhar le dealbhan bho’n cruinneachadh Mairead Fay Seathach, Eilean Canaigh

This Lad o’ Pairts

A new exhibition at Pollok House shines light on the inspirational Sir John Stirling Maxwell, a man of many talents.

A ribbiting display

Team East looks at the weird world of taxidermy as Project Reveal encounters some fascinating frogs at Hill of Tarvit.

The Grahams of Brodick Castle and their ‘Golden Age’ at Easton Park

Taken in 1912 and 1913 by keen photographer Lady Mary Douglas-Hamilton, these images record a lavish, vanished world.

Why Reveal?

As the West team have almost completed their work for Project Reveal, it seems timely to reflect on the Reveal project from a curator’s point of view.

Revealing archaeology

During July, August and September 2018, a post-graduate student from Glasgow University completed a work placement with the National Trust for Scotland’s archaeologists.

The sale of the season

Drum Castle hosts a live auction to celebrate the fabulously popular exhibition – Marian Clayden: Dressing Up Drum.

Adding sparkle to Brodick Castle gardens

At number 33 on our 100 Ways list is adding sparkle to Brodick’s gardens.

Horsing around

Gallop around Fyvie Castle as Team North discover some entertaining examples of equestrianism.

The secret life of cows

Explore Margaret Fay Shaw’s photographs of cows and discover the many ways they featured in Hebridean culture and folklore.

For auld lang syne

As the South West Project Reveal team approach the end of our involvement in the project, we’d like to look back over the last 15 months.

Rediscovering Scots

Number 29 in our 100 Ways list is our commitment to the Scots language, by appointing a resident Scriever to keep the mither tongue alive.

A kind of magic

Project Reveal discover objects and places that reflect some of the superstitions prevalent throughout south-west Scotland over the centuries.