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Weaver's Cottage

Weaver's Cottage

Weaver's Cottage

A hands-on museum where the traditional weaver's craft comes to life

  • Step back in time to when Kilbarchan was at the heart of a thriving textile industry.  

  • Experience what it was like to live in this atmospheric cottage over 200 years ago.

  • See the last working handloom in the village.

  • Look out for plants that were once used to make fabric dyes in the pretty cottage garden.

This traditional Kilbarchan cottage will transport you back to a time when hand-woven textiles were the pride of Scotland’s weaving industry. 

Weaver’s Cottage vividly re-creates the living and working conditions of a typical handloom weaver. With low ceiling beams and period furniture, it helps give an insight into life before the Industrial Revolution.

Today, the weavers specialise in making tartan on a 200-year-old loom.

Outside, traditional dye plants, including woad and madder, are grown in the garden, along with a wide range of cottage garden plants, both edible and ornamental.