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Glencoe & Dalness

Glencoe & Dalness

An unforgettable place of dramatic mountains, rare beauty and haunting history

  • Stand at the sites of the infamous Glencoe Massacre.

  • Get close to nature on a Wildlife Land Rover Safari.

  • Climb one of the towering mountains that surround the glen.

  • Spot some film locations – Glencoe has provided the backdrop for scenes in the Harry Potter films, The 39 StepsBraveheartRob Roy and Skyfall.

  • Explore the visitor centre to learn about the glen, its wildlife and the families who lived here.

No description can re-create the impact of seeing Glencoe for the first time. It has long been one of the most famous places in Scotland, known equally for its awe-inspiring views and sorrowful past.

Glencoe is a place of history, wildlife, adventure and myths. The mountains were formed through violent volcanic eruptions, and then sculpted by massive glaciers. Fingal, the legendary Celtic hero, is said to have made his home among these towering mountains, while his poet son, Ossian, found inspiration in the landscape.

On 13 February 1692, 38 men, women and children of the MacDonald clan were murdered by a regiment of soldiers (acting on behalf of the government) whom they had welcomed into their homes. The tragedy of the Glencoe Massacre still has the power to evoke powerful emotions.

The Trust has cared for Glencoe & Dalness since 1935. We work to maintain footpaths, look after the fragile biodiversity and keep the landscape as precious and wild as it was when it first came into our care.