Glencoe is a National Nature Reserve, recognised for its unique rock forms and geology, its rare habitats, and the quality of the conservation work our ranger team do here to balance the needs of wildlife and the many people who visit here every year.

Join our rangers on Land Rover safaris every week from April to October for a wildlife-spotting tour and an insight into their work in Glencoe and Glen Etive.

The high peaks, plateaus and cliffs are home to rare alpine flowers, mosses, lichens, ptarmigan and mountain hares. In the glen you might glimpse sheep, wild mountain goats, or the Monarch of the Glen himself – a red deer stag.

There’s a rich variety of birdlife here, from water-loving dippers, hopping from rock to rock beside the River Coe, to whooper swans, who spend the winter at Loch Achtriochtan. Lucky explorers may spot a golden eagle soaring overhead, as they nest among the more remote hilltops and corries.

Check out our wildlife spotter’s guide for Glencoe, and see how many you can spot during your next visit:

Wildlife spotter’s guide: Glencoe