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7 Jan 2019

Treasuring our beautiful scenery and rich culture

Lorraine Kelly stands with a walking pole in a field in Village Bay. Stone houses and sheep are in the background.
Lorraine Kelly may broadcast from London every day but her heart belongs firmly to Scotland. Here she tells us what she loves most about the country.

Although I recently moved back to live and work in London, Scotland will always be the one place which I can truly call home. Luckily, I’m not that far away from the beautiful landscapes and the vibrant culture – it’s easy to miss some of my favourite things about Scotland.

What I love most are the people. Their warmth and unique sense of humour is just so welcoming to everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from. I miss belly laughing with friends and family, and with strangers while waiting for the bus, and hearing their amazing stories. I miss being away from those I love in Scotland, but I am fortunate to get to see them a lot.

I love Scottish culture, from the hustle and bustle of our beautiful cities to our wonderful countryside. I miss visiting our cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee and discovering the charm of the many shops, pubs and restaurants you can find. I miss the passionate banter of the football fans when I go to Dundee United matches.

I miss walking across the Perthshire hills and visiting some of the beautiful properties the National Trust for Scotland cares for. I even love the unpredictable weather, going from rain one minute to sunshine the next.

One of the most incredible places I love is St Kilda. I’ve been twice and both times the weather was perfect, and the crossing wasn’t too rough. The scenery is utterly spectacular – full of ghosts yet so hauntingly beautiful. I remember sailing across from Harris. It was lovely just sitting on the top of the hill looking down at Village Bay and all of the original houses there, which are being so lovingly restored by the National Trust for Scotland.

Lorraine stands on a hillside with binoculars around her neck. In the background is the St Kilda coastline.
Standing above Village Bay, St Kilda

Growing up in Glasgow meant that my childhood holidays were always spent on the sunny Ayrshire coast. I always remember the first time I saw the sumptuous Culzean Castle as a young girl, its walls steeped in history, and it always fascinated me. I used to imagine myself living there like a princess.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited a lot of the National Trust for Scotland’s properties – Unst and Yell, Fair Isle, Glencoe and the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre to name a few. But there’s always somewhere new to explore. Personally, I really hope to visit Canna and Falkland Palace one day. Both are on my wish list.

Thanks to the National Trust for Scotland, our treasures and our culture can be preserved and cared for, but the Trust needs our help and support.

That’s why it is vital, for the love of Scotland, that we all play our part, so our children and grandchildren can grow up remembering the same things we did.


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