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Thousands of years of human history share a Hebridean island with 20,000 breeding seabirds

Things to do


The Pier Waiting Room hosts an exhibition,‘Fuaim na Mara/Sound of the Sea’, which tells the story of Margaret and John Campbell and their work on the island. The exhibition also shows films on the waiting room monitor.

Watch out for the frequent illustrated musical talks on the lives of Margaret and John Campbell. These are given by the Canna archivist and are usually held in the Shearing Shed on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays. Contact Fiona on for more details.

The Old Dairy offers a glimpse into past life on the island. A monitor shows life on Canna in the times of the Thom family, who owned the island before the Campbells.

Nature spotting

Bring your binoculars – Canna is a bird sanctuary and the island’s coastline supports over 20,000 breeding seabirds.

Step through a beautiful tunnel of escallonia in the walled garden at Canna House into a bee-friendly sanctuary of lush lawns, flower-filled borders and fruit trees.


Follow the Painted Cat Trail – twelve statues of Canna House cats from the past, including KinkyPoo, Pooni and Sir Pooji Boyte, invite you to solve the clue trail and discover their stories!