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9 Nov 2021

Meet the Makers: Hannah Louise Lamb

A young woman sits at a wooden workbench, with a pile of materials before her. An anglepoise lamp lights her work space.
Hannah Louise Lamb, at work in her jewellery studio
The Trust is proud to support talented makers and craftspeople from across Scotland, by selling their products in our physical and online shops. This time, we meet Hannah Louise Lamb, who specialises in bespoke hand-cut jewellery.

Please introduce yourself and your business

I’m Hannah, I design and make jewellery, and specialise in creating bespoke jewellery pieces that reflect life’s personal stories.

Where are you based?

North Berwick in East Lothian

When and how did you start your business?

I did a degree at the Glasgow School of Art, and a Masters at the Royal College of Art, then moved back to Scotland and into shared art studios in Leith and set up my business there. I started taking part in gallery exhibitions, trade shows and craft fairs, working long hours to build my collections and progress my craft, and have never looked back!

What products do you make/design/create?

Inspired by the rugged beauty of nature and the idea that jewellery can encapsulate the cherished moments of our lives, I make jewellery that reflects coastlines, skylines and landscapes of special significance to each of us.

What makes your business unique?

Each piece I make is hand cut. I do a lot of personalised and made-to-order coastlines, and work from customers’ photographs of their favourite views. It’s an absolute privilege to be a part of people’s own unique and personal stories, and capture that within the jewellery.

Are there any interesting and/or eco-friendly materials that you use?

I use recycled silver and recycled gold, plus SMO (single mine origin) gold, and Fairmined silver and gold.

What’s your favourite thing about your business/running your business?

I love being in control of every aspect of my business. The hours are long but the results are so rewarding. Hand cutting each map is my favourite part of the making process. I feel so connected to each piece as they’re so personal, and it’s really humbling and uplifting to find out people’s reasons for choosing a particular coastline or landscape.

What’s the proudest moment of your business career?

Each time someone chooses one of my rings as a wedding ring, to wear forever, is indescribable and makes me feel so happy and proud.

A silver ring with an engraved pattern is displayed hanging on a branch, with a sandy beach in the background.
Scottish coastline silver ring, by Hannah Louise Lamb

What is your favourite Trust place and where would you like to visit?

A few years ago I visited Inverewe Garden which was amazing, so far away and so beautiful, and I’m actually heading back there this week with my family. My favourite local place is Newhailes. I walked there every single day for years when my dog was young, and now I have young children we love the Weehailes playground there.

How did you/your business start working with the Trust?

I was approached by the Trust, and am so excited to be working together.

What’s your favourite product that you supply to the Trust and what was the inspiration behind creating it?

Hopefully I’m allowed to have two favourites! The first would be my coastline ring, featuring the entire coastline of mainland Scotland all the way round it. The ring separates into two pieces, the land and the sea, to be worn together. It’s a real classic piece but super special. My other favourite is the coastline hoop necklace, which is a small version of the ring worn on a chain as a pendant.

What do you love about Scotland? #fortheloveofscotland

It’s such a welcoming country, with stunning scenery, creativity and warmth. There’s so much to see and so many places to travel. The scenery changes from east to west, north to south, and everywhere in between.

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