Places to visit



Magnificent wooded gorge

  • Admire the view from the footbridge, particularly in autumn when the colours are spectacular.

  • See Soldier’s Leap, the spot where a Redcoat soldier leapt 18ft across the raging River Garry, fleeing the Jacobites.

  • Spot lots of wildlife in the area, including red squirrels, woodpeckers and pine martens.

  • Look out for unusual fungi – the Pass is a hot spot for rare mushrooms and toadstools.

  • Pop in to the visitor centre to find out more about the 17th-century Battle of Killiecrankie.

This rich conservation area cleaves a pass where the Highlands meet the Lowlands. The River Garry flows along the floor of a magnificent wooded gorge, where the tree-lined slopes are home to a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. However, the Pass of Killiecrankie hasn’t always been a haven of peace and tranquillity. On 27 July 1689 the first shots in the Battle of Killiecrankie were fired – one of the goriest battles in Jacobite history.

Find out about the geology, wildlife and history at the visitor centre, then follow the paths to explore the Pass. The views are breathtaking – a perfect place to contemplate nature and the past.