Killiecrankie is the perfect spot for wildlife watching. It’s bursting with a variety of Scottish wildlife including red squirrels, pine martens, woodpeckers and nuthatches – all of which have been seen near our feeding station at the visitor centre. In spring the forest floor becomes awash with flowers such as wood anemone, primose, lesser celandine and wood sorrel. Venture further into the site and you may also be lucky enough to hear the song of the wood warbler or pied flycatcher in summer. Soldier’s Leap is a great vantage point for witnessing salmon jumping the falls in autumn – otters have even been spotted here too. It’s also the best time to spot red squirrels. Any damp weather encourages fungi to emerge, with over 400 species being recorded on the site. Look out for the iconic red and white-spotted fly agaric, old man of the woods and puffballs. In winter, often the overwhelming sensation in the Pass is of solitude and silence, but dippers and herons can still be seen hunting along the River Garry.