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Many of our places are open again! Find a place to visit near you.

Find a volunteering opportunity

Try new things and decide on the career for you. We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities which are great for learning about the work of a particular location or role.

At the Trust, there’s a role for everyone

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a slog – we’ve got a wide range of projects across Scotland that are suited to all ages. That’s why we have volunteers aged from 4 to 94!

As Scotland’s largest conservation charity, we have a huge ongoing responsibility to nurture our natural landscapes, preserve our stunning islands, support our rich wildlife, tend our beautiful gardens, maintain our magnificent castles and conserve the numerous national treasures in our care.

Yes, that’s a lot of ground to cover but it does mean there are lots of fun and rewarding projects that you can get involved in. So, if you’re inspired by the work we do, then get involved and find a volunteering opportunity below.


Volunteer FAQ

Frequently asked questions about volunteering at the National Trust for Scotland.