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Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

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Burthplace o a genius – a hize tae the eerlastin legacy o Scotland’s Naitional Bard

  • Veesit the hummle cottar hoose biggin whaur Robert Burns wis born an reart fir the furst 5 year o his life.
  • Hae a leuk roon the museum whaur ye cin fin ower 5,000 Burns artefacts sic lik scrievins in Burns ain haun.
  • Follae in the fitsteps o Tam O Shanter tae eldritch Alloway Auld Kirk an ower the Brig o Doon.
  • Veesit the Moniment whaur Burns tourism stertit as faur back as 1823.
  • Gie a hize tae the legacy o Burns wi haggis, neeps an tatties in the museum café

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum bodes a speeshal innins tae Scotland’s foremaist son. Robert Burns is Scotland’s Naitional Bard, an his poetry an sangs ur weel kent an weel luved the warld ower. But wha wis Burns an whit mak’d his harns tick?  The brawest bit tae git tae ken Burns an his genius is his burthplace in the bonnie wee toon o Alloway.  Oor foremaist museum sterts a journey thit gangs ben the toon, steerin ye tae biggins steeped in history an airtin fir laundmarks weel kent tae Burns. 

Whither yir a dee-haurd Burnsian or brand new tae the bard, a day steepin yirsel here in Burns history wull apen yir een an lugs tae an eerlastin hero o Scotland’s leetirary heritage. 

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Burns Cottar Hoose biggin, the Eddication Paveelion an the museum biggin ur aa thaur fir private hire – we hae the perfit venue fir waddins, corporate functions an private doo’s.

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