Now, do thy speedy utmost, Meg, And win the key-stane o’ the brig;’ [Tam o’ Shanter, 1790]

Follow in Tam o’ Shanter’s footsteps across the cobblestone bridge that spans the River Doon.

Also known as the ‘Auld Brig’, Brig o’ Doon is the original 15th-century cobblestone bridge , and it provided the setting for one of Burns’s most famous works.

This is the bridge that Tam o’ Shanter raced across on horseback, fleeing from the witches and warlocks (legend tells they’re unable to cross water). The poor mare Meg is not quite as fortunate as Tam, and loses her tail.

Today it’s a popular spot for tour groups, photographers and wedding parties to gather and take in the unspoilt scenic views of the Ayrshire countryside. The narrow, arched footbridge is such an iconic landmark that it even features on a Scottish £5 note.