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Mingulay, Berneray & Pabbay

Eagles soar and dolphins splash around these Hebridean islands, also home to a rare Pictish stone

Things to do

Self-guided tours

Explore the abandoned village on Mingulay, all that is left of a once-thriving community who farmed, fished and hunted seabirds.

On Pabbay you can see one of only two Pictish stones in the Western Isles.

Walk to the highest lighthouse in Britain, situated on top of a very steep cliff on Berneray.

Nature spotting

All three islands are fantastic places to watch seabirds: razorbills, puffins and guillemots as well as Arctic terns and fulmar. 

In the summer you may hear the rasping call of the corncrake from the thick vegetation, and look out for skuas as they protect their nests.

On the journey to the islands you may be lucky enough to see dolphins or a basking shark.

Walks here

The Mingulay Trail

Moderate; all paths are uneven

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