The mosaic of landscape habitats in the spectacular surrounding Inverewe estate are home to Scotland’s most iconic wildlife, including red deer, eagles, pine martens, otters and red squirrels. The estate is framed by mountains and two lochs, where the light and colours are forever changing.

From towering redwoods to delicate forget-me-nots, from otters to sea eagles, Inverewe Garden and Estate has everything you might want to see and much, much more!

Our wildlife hide provides the perfect vantage point over Loch Ewe, where coastal birds, seals and otters can often be seen. Listen to the bees buzzing in the fields, meander along the footpaths and see how many of the Big 5 you can spot.

We even have a heronry in the garden with around 40 birds, and up to 3 or 4 pairs living in the same tree. Keep an eye out for signs by the jetty.

You can also check out our wildlife spotter’s guide for Inverewe, and see how many you can spot during your next visit:

Wildlife spotter’s guide: Inverewe