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14 Sep 2018

KT Tunstall shares her love of Scotland


So, what I love about Scotland, first of all, it looks great – I like that a lot. But what I particularly like about it is that, now I don’t live in Scotland anymore – I live in the USA and I travel the world and I’m very lucky and grateful to experience a lot of different cultures and different ways of countries running themselves – I’m constantly surprised and proud of how Scotland’s governance and its people behave towards the rest of the country. There’s a real culture of compassion and of tolerance and of inclusivity and I just really feel that … Nicola Sturgeon made an amazing speech a while back. She was talking about how it doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you come to Scotland and you live here and you feel Scottish and you love Scotland – then you’re Scottish. It’s a beautiful sentiment and the key to a healthy society is caring about each other. There’s an analogy I love about mountain hiking, which is that ‘you’re only ever as fast as the slowest person in your group’. If everybody rallies round and helps that one person then the whole group moves quicker. It’s just a microcosm for healthy societies: there are people who are going to need help in society, so help them and make the whole thing work better. I feel that Scotland does that beautifully.

Scotland’s very own singer-songwriter took time out from her mini-tour to tell us what she loves about her home country. But why is Granpaw Broon staring at her?


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