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19 Oct 2021

Membership: the perfect gift this Christmas

Give someone special something meaningful this Christmas. Buy a gift membership online and open the door to all of our places!

19 Oct 2021

Crathes Garden blog #6: hope springs eternal

Join our expert garden guide for a behind-the-scenes look at what the team have been working on in October, as well as a quick look at some prep work for next year’s display.

18 Oct 2021

Conserving 600-year-old statues at Falkland Palace

Join our team for a glimpse into the work being undertaken to conserve some important statues at Falkland Palace.

18 Oct 2021

Fascinating fungi at Inverewe

This autumn, Inverewe has seen a bumper crop of fungi all around the 2000-acre heritage estate, creating a quirky spectacle for visitors.

17 Oct 2021

The psychology of the Highland Charge

The Highland Charge was a battlefield tactic synonymous with the Jacobites, which was used to great effect against the Government armies.

Love Scotland podcasts

Hosted by former BBC Reporting Scotland anchor Jackie Bird, each episode tells some of the thrilling stories behind the Trust’s people and places, showcasing how everything we do is for the love of Scotland.

14 Oct 2021

What’s up at the Tenement House?

Read a review of a visit to the Tenement House and find out what there is to see and do.

14 Oct 2021

From the edge of the world 2021 – part 5

Join our archaeologist for a wonderfully evocative look at some of her highlights from the 2021 season on St Kilda as well as the necessary preparation work for winter.

14 Oct 2021

Why we love the National Trust for Scotland

In our 90th anniversary year, hear from our wonderful team about some of the things they love most about the places we care for all across Scotland.