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The collection at the edge of the world

Project Reveal goes in search of the National Trust for Scotland’s most remote collection.

Inverewe House: phoenix from the ashes

Set among the exotic plants that thrive in Inverewe Garden, this elegant house hasn’t always looked this way.

Hornel’s photographic eye and the influence of Japanese photography: part 3

The photographs Edward Atkinson Hornel saw in, and brought back from, Japan had a profound effect on his later paintings.

Project Reveal – One year on and 12 months of progress

To celebrate the first anniversary of Project Reveal, we’ve chosen a selection of images which illustrate the diverse range of objects in the Trust’s collections.

Hornel’s photographic eye and the influence of Japanese photography: part 2

In Japan in 1893, Edward Atkinson Hornel was exposed to a wide variety of different types of Japanese photography.

The spirit of the age

Project Reveal’s West Team discover the delights of the Weaver’s Cottage collection.

Hornel’s photographic eye and the influence of Japanese photography: part 1

A trip to Japan in 1893, and exposure to photography there, changed Edward Atkinson Hornel’s entire approach to painting.

Marvellous marquetry

The Dunfermline dressing room in Fyvie Castle boasts a fabulous collection of marquetry furniture.

Digging deep to ‘Reveal’ the Trust's archaeological treasures

Natasha Ferguson, Lead Inventory Officer – Archaeology, tells us about her role and how it’s supporting the management of the Trust’s archaeology collections

The Falkland Bed

A favourite with staff, volunteers and visitors alike, the elaborately carved Falkland Bed is a must-see when visiting Falkland Palace.

Photography students visit Culzean Castle

A group of photography students find out more about Project Reveal and enjoy a workshop on collections photography.

The photographic archive of Margaret Fay Shaw

Margaret Fay Shaw (1903–2004) dedicated her life to the preservation of the Gaelic language, and the lives and customs of the people of the Hebrides.

Digitising the islands

Throughout 2018–19, the National Trust for Scotland is undertaking the digitisation and documentation of the Margaret Fay Shaw photographic archive.

Music Day on the summer solstice

In France, the longest day is the day people celebrate ‘La Fete de la Musique’, or Music Day.

Is an architect an artist?

Last month our team had the pleasure of exploring Holmwood, a fantastic villa designed by the Glaswegian architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.

Good vibrations

Project Reveal Team North East comes across an old medical device that used massage and vibration to heal all manner of illnesses.

You are not a loan

Investigating 70 years of loans to the National Trust for Scotland

Revealing our collections ... and our stories

Number 1 in our 100 Ways list is Project Reveal – one of the most ambitious digitisation projects in Scotland.

Less is more: innovating with our collections

At number 3 in our 100 Ways list is a plan to innovate how we show off our amazing collections.

Becoming a dab hand – printing past and present

Team East has moved to Robert Smail’s Printing Works, where the presses are more than just historical objects.

‘Dress to impress’ – Lady Ailsa’s dressing case

In an age when ladies changed their clothes up to five times a day, Lady Ailsa’s dressing case reminds us of a bygone age of splendour.

Homecoming for Harry Benson at Pollok House exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the work of one of the world’s best-known photographers begins this weekend at Pollok House in Glasgow.

Forget me not – revealing Victorian mourning customs

Team West explores social history collections linked to mourning etiquette in the late 19th century.

The illicit still game

Project Reveal North East explore the history of illicit distilling in the Angus glens.