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Meet the Makers: Introducing the Pink Castle collection

Meet the Makers: Introducing the Pink Castle range


Introducing Pink Castle
Craigievar Castle is pink again!

To celebrate the re-opening of Craigievar Castle, the National Trust for Scotland worked with five local makers to create the Pink Castle collection.

Lochcarron of Scotland
Lost Loch Spirits
Helen Ruth Scarves
Jenni Douglas Jewellery
Quirky Chocolate

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Designed exclusively for the National Trust for Scotland, the Pink Castle range is new for 2024 and includes luxurious textiles, stylish clothing accessories, unique jewellery, delicious Pink Castle gin, and handmade chocolate.

The creation of the Pink Castle collection was inspired by the reopening of the iconic Craigievar Castle after the 18-month Pink Again conservation project. This involved extensive repairs to the roof and harling on the castle as well as refreshing the lime wash that gives Craigievar its iconic pink colour.

Our retail collection weaves together the rich history of the castle with the creativity and craftsmanship of local and Scottish artisans, resulting in a high-quality range of products that pay homage to our beloved pink landmark. These are exclusively available at selected properties and in our online shop.

Meet the makers

Lochcarron of Scotland

A pink tartan woollen scarf is wrapped around a bust model, which stands on a pink table on the lawn in front of Craigievar Castle.

The Pink Castle collection journey began with Lochcarron of Scotland, based in the Scottish Borders and renowned for their expertise in tartan weaving. Our new Pink Castle tartan was developed exclusively for us, drawing inspiration from the famous rosy hue of Craigievar Castle. The tartan reflects the castle’s architectural charm and captures its beauty in a pattern of soft colours. The Pink Castle tartan has now been registered on the official Scottish Register of Tartans.

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Helen Ruth

A lady holds up a large silk scarf, standing on the grass in front of Craigievar Castle. The scarf features illustrated designs of the castle and elements from its history.

Helen Ruth has crafted exquisite pieces of wearable art, called ‘A fairytale journey inspired by Craigievar Castle’. Helen spent her childhood near Craigievar Castle and has brought her personal connection to the castle into her designs – her beautiful illustrations incorporate intricate details of Craigievar’s history. These designs have been translated into silk and wool scarves, as well as a linen art print. Her work is a narrative piece, making each product a keepsake that holds a story of Craigievar’s heritage.

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Jenni Douglas

A range of pink tartan-inspired jewellery is displayed on a pink table in front of Craigievar Castle. Two necklaces are on necklace stands, and a cuff bracelet and sets of earrings are in boxes to the front.

Jenni Douglas is an artist based in East Lothian and has contributed her unique jewellery designs to the collection. Inspired by the newly created Pink Castle tartan, Jenni’s collection is printed on hypoallergenic aluminium, offering a contemporary twist to traditional Scottish jewellery. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the vibrant Pink Castle tartan pattern makes a captivating addition to any outfit.

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Lost Loch Spirits

A bottle of pink gin stands on a polished wooden table, with a small bottle of gin to one side and a large gin glass filled with gin & tonic to the other.

Collaborating with Lost Loch Distillery, located just 7 miles from Craigievar Castle, we have created the Pink Castle Gin. This gin is naturally flavoured with Scottish raspberries, celebrating the region’s delicious local produce. Helen Ruth’s bespoke Craigievar Castle label design is a delightful additional feature in the Pink Castle collection.

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Quirky Chocolate

Two bars of chocolate, wrapped in a pink tartan wrapper, are displayed on a pink table. An unwrapped bar of white chocolate with pink fruit inside lies in front of the wrapped bars.

Adding a sweet touch to the collection, Edinburgh-based Quirky Chocolate have developed a special Pink Castle chocolate bar for us. Made from white chocolate infused with tangy Scottish honeyberries, blackcurrants and raspberries, the bar is further enhanced by packaging that showcases the exclusive Pink Castle tartan.

Why not try serving Pink Castle chocolate alongside our Pink Castle gin – a perfect match for an evening at home with chocolate in one hand and a gin & tonic in the other.

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An exterior view of the recently repainted pink walls of Craigievar Castle, looking up a grassy path beside the barmkin wall.

Working with local suppliers

Working with local suppliers is something we really pride ourselves on at the National Trust for Scotland. The Pink Castle collection not only supports local economies but also celebrates deep-rooted connections to Craigievar Castle. Each product tells a story of Scottish history, culture and artistry; each piece has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate the reopening of Craigievar Castle, creating a lasting memory that visitors can take home with them.

“Craigievar is an iconic property and the Pink Again project sparked the idea of creating a range inspired by the castle. 
It has been fantastic to seek out and work with some of Scotland’s best local makers to create the exclusive Pink Castle collection, that not only tells the story of Craigievar but is also sustainably made in Scotland. We can’t wait to see the reaction of our visitors when they see the range in our gift shops.”
Andrew Roberts
Head of Retail, National Trust for Scotland

The Pink Castle collection is exclusively available at selected properties and from our National Trust for Scotland online shop.

Pink Castle collection

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