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7 Apr 2022

Seagrass and fish glue: principal practices at Culross

We have recently used traditional skills to replace the seagrass flooring and conserve the four-post bed at Culross Palace.

22 Feb 2022

Crathes Garden blog #10: Donald, Far’s Yer Troosers?

Despite the devastation from recent storms still looming large, our Garden Guide at Crathes finds much to lift her spirits in the garden, even in these cold winter months.

15 Feb 2022

Conservation of Crathes Castle’s armorial panels

Find out more about Crathes Castle’s amazing stone panels and the stories they tell about the castle’s history, as well as all the work that has gone into protecting them.

3 Feb 2022

Conserving 500-year-old statues at Falkland Palace

Join our team for a glimpse into the work being undertaken to conserve some important statues at Falkland Palace.

14 Dec 2021

A day in the life of a ... Regional Conservator

Lesley Scott talks about her wide-ranging daily duties as Conservation Advisor for Edinburgh and East.

9 Dec 2021

Putting Kellie Castle to bed

Ever wondered what happens at our places over the winter? Join our collections team at Kellie Castle for a behind-the-scenes glance.

29 Nov 2021

Thanks to our long-serving volunteers

Our Chief Executive offers his congratulations to our volunteers receiving long service awards in 2021.

26 Nov 2021

A day in the life of a ... Conservation Manager

Follow a day in the life of Shaila Rao, who considers herself lucky to combine her passion with her job at the spectacular Mar Lodge Estate.

25 Nov 2021

Crathes Garden blog #7: challenges

Join our expert garden guide for a behind-the-scenes look at what the team have been working on at Crathes in November.