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25 May 2022

Crathes Garden blog #13: Dreams and practicalities

Our expert garden guide shares some spring highlights at Crathes and considers the careful balance in gardening between creativity and practicality.

19 May 2022

Weaving a floral tapestry at Pitmedden Garden

Here’s a guide to some of the plants you’ll see in our new floristic meadow at Pitmedden Garden in Aberdeenshire.

16 May 2022

From the edge of the world 2022 – part 4

Perfectly timed for Invasive Species Week 2022, in her latest blog our St Kilda ranger talks about some of the biosecurity work taking place to protect these very special islands.

The Thistle – Scotland’s national flower

The thistle is the flower of Scotland and one of its most recognisable symbols. Since King Alexander III, it has been Scotland’s national emblem.

4 May 2022

The bat man

Ranger Roddy Hamilton tells us about the brown long-eared bats of Craigievar, and muses on why bats get such a raw deal in our popular culture.

4 May 2022

Caring for Staffa

Our ranger tells us about some of her important seabird monitoring work, as well as plans to improve the island infrastructure – all made possible thanks to donations from our supporters.

3 May 2022

Four woodlands chosen for Ancient Canopy celebration

The sites are part of a nationwide network of 70 Ancient Woodlands to be dedicated to The Queen in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

28 Apr 2022

From the edge of the world 2022 – part 3

Six months from when she was last on Hirta, our ranger Sue has returned to St Kilda for the 2022 season, along with Clare and Craig. Find out how they’re settling back into life in the Manse.

27 Apr 2022

Crathes Garden blog #12: A Victorian legacy

Our expert garden guide at Crathes talks in this month’s blog about the much-admired glasshouses in the walled garden.