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Scottish ghost stories – witches, murder and folklore (Part 1)

Reinvigorate your tour programmes with spine-chilling tales of witchcraft and the supernatural, ghosts and ghouls, torture and murder most foul.

Part V: 50 interesting objects

Explore Part V of our 50 interesting objects.

Part IV: 50 interesting objects

Explore Part IV of our 50 interesting objects.

Part III: 50 interesting objects

Explore Part III of our 50 interesting objects.

Discovering Outlander

Follow in the time-travelling footsteps of the lead characters and visit the locations that inspired the novels and were used in the filming of this historical romance.

Part II: 50 interesting objects

Explore part II of our 50 interesting objects.

Discovering Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

From the gory victory at Killiecrankie in 1689 to the bloody defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, learn about the Jacobites and their ill-fated campaigns to restore the Stuart monarchy to the British throne.

Part I: 50 interesting objects

Explore part I of our 50 interesting objects.

Hop to Brodie Castle for springtime fun

Find out more about the creation of the Playful Garden at Brodie Castle

Conserving natural capital: the Trust’s peatlands

Since we look after so much peat bog and woodland, the Trust has an important role to play in storing carbon.

The islands at the edge of the world

Get closer to St Kilda and discover fascinating seabird and island facts.

Trust charcoal

Every bag of this high-quality charcoal helps to conserve woodland cared for by the National Trust for Scotland.

The Trust goes out of this world!

Nasa’s Mars Curiosity Rover recently visited St Kilda in the Torridon quadrangle.

Box the Hill House Appeal

We've launched our appeal to save Hill House

She was aye workin’

Team West are discovering the personal archive of Miss Agnes Toward at the Tenement House in Glasgow.

Northern exposure

Project Reveal’s North East properties in pictures.

Our President on the Box The Hill House Appeal

Trust President, Neil Oliver, tells us why he thinks this appeal to save Mackintosh’s masterpiece is so important.

Let’s play a game …

Inside a box, inside a cupboard, inside the Georgian House, Project Reveal uncovers a rare musical treasure.

Little gems

Good things come in small packages.

Accreditation where it’s due

Ensuring conservation skills are retained and shared is just as important as protecting historic buildings.

Woodland rambling and brambling in Newhailes

The aim of the day was to encourage over fifties, and their families from black and ethnic minority groups to experience and enjoy outdoor spaces.

Take me outside: primary school explores Eddlewood

Exploring Eddlewood was a programme of six outdoor learning sessions designed to help pupils with behaviour issues to step beyond the school gate

The return of Brodie’s rock star

One of Brodie’s most popular paintings takes pride of place in the revamped Picture Gallery.

Six months of progress – cataloguing the Trust collections

Read all about the progress of the Project Reveal teams, who have been busy cataloguing and photographing Trust collections for the past six months.