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19 Apr 2022

Earth Day 2022 at Inverewe

This Earth Day, the team at Inverewe Garden & Estate will be showcasing their innovative approaches to working in harmony with the environment, and giving visitors a chance to get their hands dirty too!

The Trust is inviting people to the Wester Ross garden on Friday 22 April to see first hand the innovative ways in which Inverewe deals with aggressive invasive species. Visitors can also enjoy family fun including games and activities to mark Earth Day, to show support for the planet’s protection.

Gareth Parkinson, Inverewe’s Invasive Non-Native Species Ranger, will give demonstrations of how highly invasive plants such as rhododendron are recycled into ground-friendly fertiliser. ‘Invasive non-native species are a significant threat to the biological diversity of natural ecosystems. They can outcompete native species for space, light, water, and nutrients. They can also harbour pests and diseases which affect our native species and can even produce chemicals that inhibit the germination and growth of other plants.

‘At Inverewe we turn our waste wood material from invasive plant control work into biochar using our amazing kiln, the Exeter Retort. The biochar comprises fine particles of charcoal, full of micropores which give the biochar a large surface area, making it the perfect habitat for beneficial micro-organisms and fungi as well as storage for water and nutrients.

‘The biochar is used to boost our on-site composting system which in turn improves the health of our garden soil and increases the soil depth at Inverewe as we try and negate the effects of climate change.’

On Earth Day, next to Inverewe House, there will be interactive activities including:

• The ‘going native’ game – can you tell which plants and animals should and shouldn’t be at Inverewe?

• Biochar crushing – help us make biochar to improve our compost and soil

• Seed-bomb making – make some Scots pine biochar seed bombs which we can use to regenerate our woodlands

Visitors can also view an exciting new exhibition in the visitor centre entitled ‘The Impossible Garden’ commemorating the centenary of the death of Inverewe’s creator, Osgood Mackenzie, as well as art exhibitions in the Sawyer Gallery and in the Osgood Café gallery. Explore the amazing plant collections in the garden, visit Inverewe House, enjoy refreshments at the cafés, and browse the Trust's exceptional selection of gifts and plants for sale.

Earth Day activities at Inverewe will run all day during normal opening hours, 9.45am–4.00pm. The event is free: normal admission applies and booking isn't required.

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