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Nature Nippers - Christmas Crafts at Bannockburn

Join us to make some winter crafts to take home for Christmas. We’ll be using a mixture of natural and manmade materials to make stars, miniature Christmas trees and more during this indoor-based session.

20 Dec 2019

Nature Nippers at Bannockburn - Batty Bats

Join us for a batty session all about ... bats! What do bats eat and how do they catch it? How do they fly without going bump in the night? Where do they live in Bannockburn? Learn the answers to these questions and more through fun games and activities.

29 Nov 2019

Nature Nippers: Christmas Capers

Join us for a Christmas-themed session full of fun activities and a chance to meet Santa, who’ll read the group a story.

12 Dec 2019
Culzean Castle

Nature Nippers: Surviving Winter

Winter is coming … but where do our animals go? What do they do to survive our cold winter? Find out these answers through fun games, and also make a tasty treat for your garden birds.

28 Nov 2019
Culzean Castle

Nature Nippers at Glencoe

Join us every month for a chance to explore and enjoy nature through games and play.

4 Dec 2019

Winter walks and wildlife

Looking for an adventure this winter? Here are some of our incredible wintry walks with wildlife to enjoy.