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Tenement House

Tenement House

A rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th century

  • Open the door to early 20th-century Glasgow life.

  • Discover quirky items including a ball of soap, turned jet black from years of handling, and a jar of plum jam made in 1929!

  • Listen for the gentle hiss of the working gaslights.

  • Admire the original fixtures and fittings, including the coal-fired kitchen range.

The Tenement House is an ordinary middle-class tenement from the late 19th century, standing in Garnethill. The faithfully restored four rooms appear as if frozen in time and provide a rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th century.

Shorthand typist Miss Agnes Toward lived here from 1911 until 1965, and preserved her furniture and possessions with love and care. She held on to all sorts of things that most people would have thrown away, and this extensive personal archive is a valuable time capsule for visitors today. The Tenement House also reveals what it meant to be an ‘independent woman’ at that time.