Places to visit

J M Barrie's Birthplace

J M Barrie's Birthplace

Birthplace of the creator of Peter Pan

  • Stop by the washhouse where the young author performed his first play at the age of seven.

  • J M Barrie’s Birthplace is a typical weaver’s house; everyone lived upstairs and the windows are large so that looms could be removed.
  • Look out for original costumes from the first production of Peter Pan.

  • See the box beds where the Barrie children would have slept crowded together.

J M Barrie, creator of Peter Pan, spent his childhood in this small whitewashed cottage, and it’s here that you can see traces of the creative spirit he was set to become.  

The son of a weaver, Barrie lived with his seven brothers and sisters in two upstairs rooms, while his father’s weaving workshop was downstairs. The washhouse in the yard was Barrie’s first theatre – and may even have inspired the Wendy House in Peter Pan.  

An exhibition tells the story of his life and work and includes the writing desk from Barrie’s London flat where he penned Peter Pan.