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6 Mar 2017

Dundee & Angus

The exterior of the stone Barry Mill with the millrace outflow pouring out at the side.
Barry Mill
Getting a glimpse of how other people lived their lives is a fabulous form of escapism. With the help of the National Trust for Scotland, it’s possible to step into three very different worlds that are only a few miles apart.

At Barry Mill, you’ll be transported back to the heart of 19th-century rural Scotland. This now-sleepy mill was once the hub of the community, producing oatmeal and animal feed, as well as providing employment for local people.

As well as learning about the hard reality of life as a miller, visitors can once more experience the splash of the waterwheel, the rumble of machinery and the smell of oatmeal.

Step into the House of Dun and get a feel for how things might have been for the 13th Laird of Dun, David Erskine, who wanted to create the ultimate status symbol. This elegant Georgian country house offers a unique combination of genteel grandeur and welcoming atmosphere.

The plasterwork in the saloon is simply breathtaking, while all through the house you can see the fine collections acquired by different generations of the Erskine family.

A close-up of the plasterwork at House of Dun. This scene shows several cupid figures, two hounds and a stag.
Amazing plasterwork at House of Dun

In Kirriemuir, you can visit the childhood home of one of the greatest imaginative writers there has ever been. J M Barrie created Peter Pan, a hero loved by generations of children – and adults.

Some rooms have been restored to reveal what life was like for the son of a 19th-century weaver, while others tell the story of the author’s life and career.

Whichever property you choose to visit, you’ll come away having sampled the magic of visiting a different world for a little while.

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