Places to visit

Fyvie Castle, Garden & Estate

Fyvie Castle, Garden & Estate

Where 800 years of legends reside in Baronial splendour

  • Admire the impressive portrait collection, including works by Raeburn, Batoni, Romney, Gainsborough, Opie, Lawrence and Hoppner. 

  • Discover the racquets court and bowling alley, as well as the ice house, bird hide and restored earth closet. 

  • Climb the finest stone wheel staircase in Scotland.

  • Don't miss the grisly death mask of a hanged murderer on display in the library. 

  • Live like a laird by booking the Preston Tower Apartment for a holiday. 

This magnificent fortress in the heart of Aberdeenshire is a sterling example of Scottish Baronial architecture. Inside, the rooms are filled with antiquities, armour and lavish oil paintings. Out in the grounds the grandeur continues, with a picturesque loch and an unusual glass-roofed racquets court.

Ghosts, legends and folklore are all woven into the tapestry of Fyvie's 800-year-old history. But stories aside, we do know William the Lion was at Fyvie around 1214 and later Robert the Bruce and Charles I were among its royal guests. 

Visit, and lose yourself in the glory of Fyvie's landscape and the richness of its past.