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Great Cormorant, Scotland
Great Cormorant, Scotland
Great Cormorant sites cared for by the Trust
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The largest colony at aTrust property is on Murray's Isles but colonies can also be found on Iona.

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Not numerous in Scotland, this species is more inland than its commoner relative, the Shag.

The largest NTS colony is on Murray’s Isles.


Entirely fish obtained from surface diving. Diving to depths of 3-9 m and duration 15-60 s. Fish are first shaken and thrown before being eaten.

Nest site

On cliff ledges, rocks, sea stacks, islets. Nest material twigs, seaweed, reeds and lined with finer material.


Mid March to Mid June where 3-4 eggs are laid.


British and Irish populations not migratory.


UK, Ireland, Iceland, Faeroes, Norway, France, Austria, Hungary, Poland.

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