Places to visit



Paradise for hikers, climbers, geologists and nature lovers

  • Calling all Munro-baggers! Five of the Trust’s 46 Munros are found here.

  • Catch a glimpse of the red stags on the steep hill-sides in the early morning and evening.

  • Stop off at the hide near the shores of the loch, and maybe catch a glimpse of otters fishing for their tea.

  • Visit the Deer Enclosure and Deer Museum for a closer encounter with these splendid animals.

  • Look out for the iconic Highland cattles housed on the estate.

Torridon has long been a magnet for hikers and climbers, a place of majestic beauty and uncompromising terrain.

Considered by many to embody the North Highland landscape, Torridon is an ancient and enchanting wilderness of water and rock. The rugged mountains are incredibly old – the Torridonian sandstone on Beinn Alligin dates back 750 million years.

The Torridon estate is highly designated, and supports an impressive variety of flora and fauna, including important plant colonies, rare mosses and lichens, and the elusive pine marten and golden eagle.

There is an amazing choice of walking and climbing routes in this estate. Five of the Trust’s 46 Munros are found here, including Liathach, peaking at 1,054m (3,456ft), and Beinn Alligin at 985m (3,230ft).