• The uninhabited island of Staffa
    The uninhabited island of Staffa© Peter Marston
  • The eastern side of Staffa looking north
    The eastern side of Staffa looking north© Penny van Millingen
  • Puffins are the main wildlife attraction on the island
    Puffins are the main wildlife attraction on the island© Laurie Campbell
  • The ferry arriving at Staffa
    The ferry arriving at Staffa© Penny van Millingen
  • A puffin feeding
    A puffin feeding© Laurie Campbell
  • Staffa's famous hexagonal Basalt columns
    Staffa's famous hexagonal Basalt columns© Penny van Millingen
  • The path to Fingal’s Cave
    The path to Fingal’s Cave© Penny van Millingen

Staffa is the stuff of legend – an unspoilt and uninhabited island best known for its magnificent basalt columns and spectacular sea caves.

The most famous of these is Fingal’s Cave, also known as An Uamh Binn (Cave of Melody). It has a unique, cathedral-like structure and its hexagonal columns are similar to those of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

Fingal’s Cave was immortalised by Mendelssohn in his Hebrides Overture, after he visited the island in 1829, and in a famous painting by the artist J M W Turner.

Despite being only half a mile long and quarter of a mile wide, and completely uninhabited, Staffa has been a source of inspiration for countless visiting artists over the centuries.

Famous visitors to the island have included Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the artist J M W Turner, and poets and writers Keats, Wordsworth, Tennyson and Sir Walter Scott.


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