The Trust shows its true colours

The Trust, with the help from colleagues in the National Trust, have introduced blue wool dosimeters to help record levels of light.

The pre-faded pop up dosimeters will help staff to explain how damaging daylight can be to collections.

The dosimeters are being rolled out at Falkland Palace and The Hill House.

The Trust shows its true colours
Conservation Services and Projects

Welcome to the Conservation Services and Projects homepage. Our responsibility is to retain the significance of all that has been entrusted to us for the benefit of future generations. We achieve this by promoting conservation, access and enjoyment as a single experience.

The Conservation Services & Projects Department performs 3 functions:

  • We provide professional conservation advice and activity to properties and colleagues to a consistent and high standard;
  • We serve as a 'Conservation Conscience' for the Trust, ensuring awareness and delivery of the Trust's Conservation Principles.
  • We support the organisation through the effective management of our central project and property planning functions.

We are guided by:

NTS is a charity registered in Scotland (SC 007410). We are not government and our conservation work relies on fund-raising and external support. Membership is our largest single source of income, so if you believe in conservation become a member or donate now.