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14 Oct 2020

Spotter’s guide: Plants of the pinewood

A pine woodland with blue sky above. A close-up of a large tree trunk at the left hand side.
Mar Lodge Estate
The Caledonian pinewoods of Mar Lodge are an ancient ecosystem, 8,000 years in the making. They’re home to some of Scotland’s rarest wildlife, and form part of the great boreal forest which stretches right around the world.

Here are some of the plants that you might spot as you stroll through the woods. Click on each picture for a little more information about each plant.

After centuries of decline, Mar Lodge Estate’s pinewoods are once again resurgent. We’re shaping a more biodiverse future where wildlife can flourish and people can reconnect with nature. Please support our vital conservation work by becoming a member, making a donation or even buying a bottle of our special Pinewood gin!

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