Newhailes is a beautiful 18th-century villa set in the outskirts of Edinburgh. It was the home of the Dalrymple family for several centuries, and has been in the care of the National Trust for Scotland since 1997. Careful conservation techniques have frozen the property in time, preserving the house as it was when it was acquired by the Trust.

The house and the wider estate tell the fascinating story of over 300 years of history, touching upon the minutiae of family life as well as major international events. Over the centuries, Newhailes has played host to royalty, politicians and major figures of the Scottish Enlightenment.

It was once famous for having one of the largest private libraries in Europe, and the incredible collection it contained remains one of the most important private collections in Scotland. The contents of the library were offered to the National Library of Scotland in lieu of death duties in the 1970s, and the library now stands bare.


Explore more than 300 years of history at Newhailes with an expert guide.

Lady Antonia Dalrymple donated Newhailes to the National Trust for Scotland in 1997 after having occupied just a few rooms on the first floor of the house. The Dalrymple family had owned the house and estate for nearly 300 years, but from the late 19th century a steady decline set in, accelerated by the two World Wars and the increasing burden of inheritance tax.

We have used diaries, letters, interviews and the carefully preserved rooms and contents of the house to tell a fascinating story of the Dalrymple family’s last 100 years at Newhailes.

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