In the walled garden, look out for 12 distinctive ’rooms’, follow our playful paths with a sense of discovery, and be inspired by nature's beauty.

Originally designed to mirror aristocratic fashion, the garden at Greenbank served as a production garden. The first ornamental plantings took root in the 1840s, marking the beginning of a transformation. Since 1976, Greenbank has blossomed into a living garden, a testament to the power of adaptation and growth.

The basic design is traditional, with wide grass paths forming a cross centred on an old sundial. The collection of plants is constantly growing: nearly 3,600 to date. Most plants have been chosen to tolerate conditions in west-central Scotland at 150m above sea level.

Today‘s garden team follows the Blythe family‘s original request, who gifted the house and garden to Greenbank, by demonstrating a wide variety of planting to inspire the domestic gardener.

Our team is actively involved in several exciting projects aimed at enhancing our sustainability. From rock dust trials to wormeries, composting, and the use of battery-powered gardening equipment, we‘re committed to sustainable practices. Visit us to learn more about these initiatives from our knowledgeable gardeners.