Walled garden

Take a stroll down to Drum’s magnificent walled garden – follow the path down past the pond, which teems with wildlife in summer, and through the gate.

Here, you’ll find four separate areas showcasing four centuries of garden design and rose growing. Formal knot gardens, box parterres, symmetry and topiary are typical of the 17th and 18th centuries, while more informal, flower-rich planting schemes represent the 19th and 20th centuries. Different types of rose feature in each section, and the contrast is fascinating – historically older roses are often more highly scented but usually only flower once, unlike their modern successors.

A labour of love for Drum’s gardening team and their army of fantastic volunteers for several decades, the walled garden features an enormous array of rare and exotic roses. Take your time to experience all the wonderful colours and scents.

The roses can be enjoyed at their best in June and July when a heady aroma perfumes the air. They’re complemented by an impressive collection of herbaceous plants which extend the garden’s season of interest well into autumn.