Country Park

One of Culzean’s greatest assets is the 120 hectares of mixed woodland managed for shelter, production, amenity and wildlife conservation. Around 17 miles of pathways allow access to mature deciduous stands, a conifer plantation, small clearings, glades and quiet glens. The rich diversity of habitats support a wide range of animal and plant life.

It’s not difficult to see why the Swan Pond is a popular spot for visitors. The 5 hectare man-made pond is surrounded by a footpath and is sheltered on three sides by mature woodland – it’s an ideal spot for watching waterfowl.

The Deer Park is home to a small herd of red deer and llamas.

You can also check out our wildlife spotter’s guide for Culzean Country Park, and see how many you can spot during your next visit:

Wildlife spotter’s guide: Culzean Country Park