Brodie Castle
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The Highlands

Brodie Castle

Magnificent turreted castle with a playful garden and over 400 varieties of daffodil

Upcoming Events

Autumn Food & Craft Festival

22 Sep 2019
Paid Event

Brodie Castle is opening its doors for our Autumn Food and Craft Festival. Music and street food will surround the stables in the grounds. The castle itself and stables will play host to an array of wonderful foods and unique crafts, all lovingly handmade in Scotland.

Brodie Fun Palace

5 Oct 2019 - 6 Oct 2019
Free event

Come along and see Brodie Castle transformed into a Fun Palace of arts, music and science. Our own staff and volunteers, together with the local community, will be sharing the secrets of their skills and hobbies, from painting and photography to ceilidh dancing and coin collecting - Why not come and see what you could learn? Fun Palaces is a campaign promoting community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of community, with an annual weekend of action created by, for and with local people. An artist, Joan Littlewood, and an architect, Cedric Price, came up with the idea of a Fun Palace in 1961. Their dream was to create a building in which the community could come together to celebrate arts, science and culture. Their original blueprint said ‘Choose what you want to do – or watch someone else doing it. Learn how to handle tools, paint, babies, machinery, or just listen to your favourite tune. Dance, talk or be lifted up to where you can see how other people make things work. Sit out over space with a drink and tune in to what's happening elsewhere in the city. Try starting a riot or beginning a painting – or just lie back and stare at the sky.’ Unfortunately, their palace was never built and the Fun Palaces became an unrealised dream. This changed in 2013 when the first suggestion for local venues to create their own Fun Palaces was proposed. Today, Fun Palaces provide a space for people to come together and to make together. Creativity belongs to all of us, in our public parks and school playgrounds and estate car parks, as much as in our grand institutions and buildings. It is a way to be community, simultaneously, locally AND nationwide and internationally.

Brodie Castle Christmas Craft Fair with Exclusively Highland

22 Nov 2019 - 24 Nov 2019
Paid Event

Beautiful crafts, wonderful foods and stunning art will be displayed throughout two floors of the castle, over the stables and in a tented food hall alongside the stables – Brodie is transformed for this beautiful Christmas event! 

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