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4 Jul 2019

Using horsepower for forestry

A large brown horse wearing a halter and reins walks through a woodland clearing, between piles of stacked timber logs. A man walks close behind the horse.
Tarzan at work at Inverewe
We’re using traditional methods to extract timber at Inverewe Garden in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Tarzan came to the rescue at Inverewe this month, as the garden team were carrying out some forestry work at the beautiful Wester Ross garden.

Tarzan is an 11-year-old Comtois (pronounced con-twa) horse who can haul up to 500kg. A ‘gentle giant’, he has been helping with tree-logging at the award-winning garden and estate.

“Working in partnership with Highland Horse logger Simon Dakin of Blue Green Forestry, this is a low-impact and sustainable method of extracting timber to clear the area for replanting.”

The pair held demos during their most recent visit, showing the benefits of this traditional method of timber extraction and the public also had the chance to meet the Inverewe gardening team and hear about the use of heritage skills in the management of Inverewe.

A close-up of the bottom of the trunk of a big tree, which is covered in moss. Ferns grow around about it.
Inverewe Garden | Image: Adrian Hollister

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