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5 Aug 2021

Top 10 reasons to visit Culross

Written by Elaine Longmuir, Visitor Services Manager
The front of ochre-coloured Culross Palace on a bright sunny day, blue sky visible above the tiled roof.
Beautiful and bright Culross Palace
It’s no wonder that Culross is known as one of the most picturesque villages in Scotland – or that it’s so often used as a film and television location.

There are many reasons to love the Royal Burgh of Culross. Wander the charming cobbled streets, enjoy the sites and smells of the beautifully reconstructed period garden, and step back in time to hear the fascinating stories and history of the ochre-coloured Palace. Here, the team at Culross Palace reveal 10 of their favourite things.

1. The fabulous atmosphere inside the 17th-century house!

The new lighting and sound really help this, along with the friendly, happy spirits who reside here.

Hear the sounds of Culross Palace when you experience our new audio installations

2. Our nature-friendly courtyard grass

We are seeing the benefits of not mowing the lawn, with a beautiful array of colours and wildlife.

3. The 17th-century streetscape

We are incredibly lucky to still have so many 17th-century features and amazing architecture.

The mercat cross in the cobbled village square in Culross, surrounded by white 17th-century houses.
Culross' cobbled village square

4. Ice cream!

Our Townhouse shop offers some yummy cool treats, including the locally made Nelson’s of Culross ice cream.

5. Lights, camera, action

Seeing (and standing in!) the many locations that Outlander used while filming for seasons 1, 2 and 4 is a lot of fun.

A scene from Season 1 of TV series Outlander showing people in 18th-century clothing milling around the cobbled village square. The buildings are coloured a washed-out blue.
Outlander Official Images © 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved

6. Culross Palace Garden

A wildlife haven and a hidden gem, it really will take you by surprise.

A view of the garden at Culross Palace from the high terrace, looking down across the tops of the shrubs and rooftops in the village. A tall doocot stands at the left of the image.
A view of the garden from the high terrace

7. Owl holes

These can be found dotted about the village buildings and in the Palace. They were for barn owls to perch on and enter buildings so they could hunt for vermin.

8. Our five Scots Dumpy hens

Full of character, these lovely ladies live in the Palace Garden.

Five dark-feathered Scots Dumpy hens and a white and black rooster in a grassy walled garden.
Our Dumpy hens at home

9. Our Palace guides

Fabulous, friendly, and knowledgeable, they really help bring the place to life.

10. The village playpark

… it’s a gid un!

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