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Discovering Outlander

Jamie and Claire from the Outlander series
Outlander Official Images © 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved
Follow in the time-travelling footsteps of the lead characters and visit the locations that inspired the novels and were used in the filming of this historical romance.

Culloden Battlefield

An actor dressed as a man in the 1940s stands on a bleak moor, with hills seen in the far distance behind him. He wears a brown fedora-type hat with a belted brown overcoat.
Outlander Official Images © 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved

The first series of Outlander follows the Jacobite Rising of 1745 (often known as the ’45), culminating in the historic Battle of Culloden. Culloden features in both timelines of the story: first in 1946 when Frank and Claire visit the battlefield to research Frank’s family history; and secondly in 1746 when a pregnant Claire revisits the field with Jamie ahead of the battle – her knowledge of the impending massacre forces them to part and she returns to the 20th century.

Falkland Palace

An actor and actress, wearing 1940s costumes, smile at each others as they walk towards a shop across a cobbled pavement. An old black car can be seen in the background, as can a large stone fountain in the middle of a square. The man wears a long grey coat and bowler hat; the woman wears a blue wool coat.
Outlander Official Images © 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved

Filming took place in Falkland village in October 2013 for Season 1, and in January 2016 for Season 2.

In Season 1, the village, home to Falkland Palace, is re-cast as 1946 Inverness, where Claire and Frank stay on their second honeymoon. While researching Frank’s ancestral history, Claire and Frank secretly watch a pagan ceremony at standing stones on a nearby hill. Claire is fascinated by this ritual. She returns alone to the stones and falls through time to 1743.

In Season 2, the village appears as Inverness in both the 18th and 20th centuries, and one of the palace cellars is used as an apothecary’s room.

Other featured locations in Falkland include the Covenanter Hotel as Mrs Baird’s guesthouse; the Bruce Fountain, where the ghost of Jamie looks up at Claire’s room; Lomond Pharmacy which doubles as Campbell’s Coffee Shop; and Fayre Earth Gift Shop as Farrell’s Hardware and Furniture Store, where Claire stops to look at a vase in the window.

Culross Palace

Actors and actresses dressed in 18th-century costume mill around the cobbled market square in the village of Culross. Two women sit on the stone steps of the market cross pedestal. A horse can be seen in the background.
Outlander Official Images © 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved

Culross Palace, Garden and Royal Burgh feature in a number of scenes in Season 1 and 2, filmed between late 2013 and winter 2015.

The Royal Burgh acts as the fictional village of Cranesmuir, where Geillis Duncan lives with her husband, the procurator fiscal. In Season 1, the Mercat Cross underwent a temporary colour change from white for filming, to match the surrounding buildings that were painted grey and brown. It features in the dramatic scene where a small boy has his ear pinned to the post, having been caught stealing.

Culross Palace’s Withdrawing Room doubles as Geillis Duncan’s parlour, where Jamie comes to meet Claire after her visit to Geillis.

The palace garden features as the herb garden of Castle Leoch, where Claire collects plants for medicinal use.

In Season 2, both the exterior and interior of Culross Palace feature as a tavern on the road to battle.

Filming also took place at Culross in Season 4, when it was the location of Balriggan Cottage, where Laoghaire and her daughter Joan lived.

Preston Mill

A view of Preston Mill from across the mill pond. It is a sunny day; the sky is blue and the water very calm, meaning there is an almost perfection reflection of the mill.

Filming took place at Preston Mill in May 2014.

The location features as the mill on the Fraser estate (Lallybroch) that Jamie goes to repair while visiting his family home.

The mill’s exhibition room was transformed into the ante-room of a court, used for the preliminary hearing of Claire and Geillis when they’re accused of witchcraft.


A view looking down Glencoe in summer on a sunny day. The mountains are green, and white clouds streak across the sky.

The most famous Scottish glen features in the opening credits of Outlander Season 1, with its dramatic mountains and sparkling lochs. It’s regarded by many as a monument to the infamous massacre of February 1692 – one of the most tragic events in Scottish history.

Pollok House

Filming takes place in a parterre garden. A long camera rig hangs over the full width of a garden, where a black marquee has been set up in the far corner. The parterre garden has box hedges filled with colourful flowers. Tall trees can be seen in the background.

Pollok Country Park doubles as the grounds surrounding the fictional Castle Leoch in Season 1.

Several scenes in Season 2 were filmed at Pollok Country Park, including a scene with Jamie and Claire in the grounds of Pollok House. The park also stands in for the French countryside that the characters travel through between Le Havre and Paris in Season 2.

Newhailes House

A view of the grand exterior of Newhailes House from the gravel drive. Cherry blossom trees frame the shot.

Filming took place at Newhailes in Season 4. Newhailes House served as Governor Tyron’s home in North Carolina where Jamie discussed the offer of a land grant in exchange for service to the English Crown, and where Jamie and Claire were introduced into Wilmington society.

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