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2 Oct 2020

Supporters from across the globe rally to help our charity

Moody image of Glencoe, with clouds over the mountain tops. In the foreground, on the hillside, are stones set out to spell SOS.
Thanks to your generosity, our Save Our Scotland appeal has reached £3.4 million.

We want to thank members and donors from around the world as donations to our Save Our Scotland Appeal reach £3.4 million.

These donations, along with a £3.8million support package from the Scottish Government, have helped steer our charity out of an extremely financially challenging period as a result of strict lockdown measures. These contributions have helped to safeguard more than 200 jobs within the charity and enable the Trust to continue to care and protect the things we all love about Scotland.

Donations came from all around the world including the Trust’s network of friends and supporters across the USA as well as donors, volunteers and patrons in the UK and, of course, members and visitors.

Supporters took part in their own fundraising activities to help raise money for the Save Our Scotland appeal. US-based George Russell (aged 74), whose family has links to the charity’s foundation, is now halfway through a sponsored 3,000 mile cycle across the states from California to Florida; and Trust Patrons Simon and Bridget Fraser took on a 100km walk along the Berwickshire coast, raising over £15,000 to help secure the charity’s future.

A man rides a mountain bike with fully packed paniers and a little omega-shaped sign at the back, reading National Trust for Scotland Love. He is riding along a tarmac road beside some houses.
George Russell is cycling across the USA in support of the Save Our Scotland appeal.

The Trust also teamed up with bespoke Highland tartan designer, Prickly Thistle, to create two limited edition tartans that represent the charity’s importance in protecting Scotland’s heritage with all profits going to the SOS appeal.

A red tartan being woven on a traditional loom.
Prickly Thistle are producing two tartans in support of the appeal
“From everyone at the Trust, thank you.”
Philip Long, Chief Executive
A man in a navy suit stands in a sunny garden beside a sphere-shaped sundial. He holds an omega-shaped sign in his hand that says Love. Kellie Castle stands in the background.

Philip Long, Chief Executive of the National Trust for Scotland said: ‘We asked our members, donors and the public to help us raise £2.5 million to allow us to continue our crucial work in caring for and protecting Scotland’s built and natural heritage. They went much further than that, and to date we have been blessed with contributions of £3.4 million. Without this financial support, the future of the Trust would be extremely uncertain.

‘We’re overwhelmed, encouraged and extremely grateful for all the donations we have received. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic, our properties were closed and many of our projects have been paused. The work we do to care for and protect everything that makes Scotland so special was in jeopardy, and while we’re still on the road to recovery, this support will now allow us to continue protecting Scotland’s heritage.

‘I would like to also thank our members who have continued to support us through their membership over the past seven months. Your support is invaluable and helps us do what we do for the love of Scotland. We look forward to welcoming you to a Trust property soon.’